About us Srishti Platform

Envisioned in the beginning of the millenia, Srishti is an icon of creativity, innovation and challenge. Srishti began to provide a platform to create enthusiastic students and budding scientists and give them an insight into the open entrepreneurial avenues. Srishti is also an effort to develop interaction and bridge the contemporary gap between Industry and Institutions. Every year, hundreds of passionate students from prestigious Institutions across Karnataka participate in the Project Exhibition and Competition after a series of scrutiny by the technical committee, which consists of the faculties from IISc, IIT, NIT and other prestigious Tech Institutions. 

Srishti has also initiated Srishti Challenge, Srishti Competition and Srishti Plus. Zealous Students can showcase their innovative skills through the Srishti Challenge, and the selected models are demonstrated in the Srishti Competition. The winners will enter the next level, Srishti Plus, through which they are inducted into the incubation center of Yuvaka Sangha to further the projects.

About us Objectives

  • Platform for Skills Demonstration: Provide a platform for engineering students to showcase their skills and abilities.
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration: Connect academic institutions and emerging talent with diverse industries to promote collaboration.
  • Innovation Promotion: Foster the spirit of innovation among young minds, encouraging the exploration of new ideas.
  • Application of Technology: Inspire and motivate students to apply technology to solve local challenges and contribute to societal betterment.
  • Entrepreneurship Instillation: Instill a sense of entrepreneurship, equipping students with skills to transform ideas into successful ventures.