To create an ecosystem amongst students which fosters Innovation as an attitude.


  1.   Transform Srishti into an year-long programme and not just an yearly exhibition.
  1. To guide students towards our motto of “Innovation Exchange

  2. Address issues in society by utilizing technology to possible extent.

SRISHTI CHALLENGE Sub-Plan and methodology

Divide the challenge into 2 major groups

a. Core Technologies : These are both emerging and relevant technologies. They play a crucial role in technological advancements and have a massive direct and indirect impact on society.

Problem statements for this challenge can be obtained from leading companies, premier institutes or host institutes. This leads to making such organizations a stakeholder of the initiative.

b. Society related challenges : The society will have plaguing issues which need local solutions. These are generally taken up by Government organizations or Non Profit organizations. The need to grow such social entrepreneurs is very essential due to increasing problems.

The Problem statements for this initiative can be obtained from many government  agencies like municipal organizations, panchayat bodies, utility(water, electricity, waste management, etc) bodies, Agriculture bodies, NGO’s and NPO’s.