The Srishti Hackathon is back, bigger and better than ever before! This year, we’re focusing on three main areas: Sustainability, Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), and Industry 4.0. Each area encompasses various subtopics, offering participants a wide range of challenges to tackle and opportunities to innovate.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Registration: Form a team of 4 members and register for the hackathon using the registration form below.

Step 2: Choose a Track: Select one of the three main tracks mentioned below (Sustainability, IKS, Industry4.0) and specify the subtopic you’ll be focusing on.

Step 3: Submit Proposal: Submit a proposal outlining your innovative project idea and how it addresses the chosen track and subtopic.

Step 4: Training & Mentorship: Selected participants will receive training and mentorship to refine their ideas and prepare for the hackathonth

Step 5: Event Days: Join on May 24-26 for three days of intense creativity, collaboration, and competition!

Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS):

Solutions Leveraging Traditional Knowledge Systems Solutions to Better Enable Traditional Practitioners Technology Solutions to Enable Traditional Practices (Digital Solutions, etc.) Spiritual/Cultural Tech Solutions Promoting Indian Aesthetics Solutions to Illustrate Benefits of Indian Knowledge Systems Solutions Based on Biodiversity Understood by Traditional Knowledge Systems


Emobility, Battery Optimization, Low Power Solutions Alternative Energy Sources & Alternate Materials Pollution & Waste Management Climate Solutions Water & Environment Conservation Recycle Economy Biodegradable Alternatives/Solutions, Reducing Plastic Usage Sustainability Education, Processes, Audits, etc

Industry 4.0:

Leveraging AI for Improved Efficiency & Usage Increasing Utilization, Capacity Improved Availability, Reduced Downtime Robotics, Digital Twins, IoT-Based Automations Production as a Service Sustainable Production

Rules & Guidelines:

Each team must consist of 3-4 members. Participants can only register for one track and one subtopic. All Ideas/projects must be original and developed during the hackathon period. Teams are encouraged to leverage open-source tools and resources. Plagiarism or any form of intellectual property infringement will result in disqualification. Teams must adhere to the designated timeline and event schedule.

Registration Deadline: May 15th 2024

For more Information contact: +917349705794

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